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Top 5 Closest Beaches To LAX Airport (and our favorite)

Manhattan Beach

A layover in LAX can be a drag especially if you’ve got more than 5 hours between flights, which is why a quick trip to the beach after you’ve dropped off your connecting luggage can be a welcome relief from the sights and sounds of a busy airport terminal. Here we discover the closest beaches […]

Flight Delays – 7 Ways Airlines Make Up Time And 1 Way They Don’t

Flight Delays

Flight delays. We’ve all suffered from them and we’ve all been offered very little in return for the inconvenience, but the airline doesn’t want delays either. The better the on time performance, the more efficient the aircraft are and the more profit airlines will make on a flight. It also means passengers don’t miss onward […]

Tokyo’s Airports – The airport signs to learn (or not)

Even if you’re on a short stopover, Tokyo’s airports cater well for non-Japanese speakers. But when I first travelled through Tokyo, one thing that worried me was whether Narita airport had English signs. Fear not… Both Tokyo Narita and Haneda airports do have English signs. You’ll find that signs are in Japanese, English, Chinese and […]